Date for next KIR Run

06th October, 2024


Hoima Booma Grounds


Run to celebrate a hero's legacy, run to conserve the environment..

About Kabalega Independence Run 2023 

Approximately two thousand runners participated in the inaugural Kabalega Independence Run organized in Hoima City, commemorating the centenary of Omukama (King) Cwa II Kabalega’s legacy. The 10 and 5-kilometer event also aimed to raise funds for kick-starting Kabalega Education Fund, an Initiative aimed at supporting the education of bright but underprivileged learner in Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom.

The event was held on the 07th of October, 2023 at Hoima Booma Grounds in Hoima City.

With the event to be subsequently held annually, this year’s run was organised under the theme: “Run to celebrate a hero’s legacy, run to educate a leader of tomorrow”.

The run was organised by Kabalega Foundation, in partnership with Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom, along with a host of sponsors including; Airtel Money, Vision Group, NBS Sport, Uganda Broadcasting Corporation, Stanbic Bank, Equity Bank, Capital Radio, Adman Source, City Ambulance, among many others.

The event also involved a series of activities including Blood Donation conducted by Uganda Blood Transfusion Services, and Uganda Redcross Society.

Focus of Proceeds from 2023 Run

Held under the theme: Run to celebrate a hero’s legacy, run to educate a leader of tomorrow. The proceeds of the run have been committed to establishment of Kabalega Education Fund whose aim this year is donation of Text Books to four (4) Traditional Schools in Greater Bunyoro-Kitara. This program is to be implemented in the 2nd half of the year 2024.

About Kabalega Education Fund

Our mission

To contribute to educational services and life skills development. The fund also aims to provide support to bright, but underprivileged learners.

Make a contribution

You support in form of donation can go a long way in sustainability and the long-term sustainability of the fund. Start donating today, or visit the Kabalega Education fund website at:

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