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We believe there is a place for culture in today's modern society, and with it a role to play in spurring social economic development.
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Our Cultural Research & Development programme works to research, promote, enhance, strengthen, preserve, and protect the tangible and intangible culture and heritage within our areas of operation.

Culture is of great value in any society as it unites people through shared beliefs, traditions, and ways of life. Kabalega Foundation, anchored on Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom, and the Royal House of Babiito, the traditional rulers and custodians of Nyoro Culture seek to preserve, and promote the cultural heritage of Bunyoro society that’s been handed down from generation to generation for thousands of years.

There are various forms of cultural heritage (both tangible and intangible) that Kabalega Foundation seeks to preserve; in cultural norms, practices, beliefs, music, folk dances, and drama.

However, due to the rapid social changes in the region, the rich Nyoro cultural heritage has been losing its original forms, and in some cases, has been put in danger of extinction.

In light of that, Kabalega Foundation, as enshrined by the UNESCO General Conference at its twenty-fifth session (November 1989) in the Recommendation on the Safeguarding of Traditional Culture and Folklore is taking lead on the much needed interventions both in the short and long-term to preserve, promote, revitalise and protect this invaluable cultural heritage through research, documentation, publication & recording, formal education, and dissemination of materials through which awareness and sharing can be upheld, as well as making concrete programmes in the areas considered to be in need of urgent intervention.

Where tangible cultural artefacts are identified, inventory-taking and continuous update ushall be always be undertaken to establish Kabalega Foundation, to establish a museum for storage and for storage of the

We also, in partnership with Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom work to preserve vital cultural heritage through identification, inventory-taking, and safeguarding of cultural sites, and where tangible artefacts are available, to be stored in a community museum, which together are to be used as tourism resources for both learning and revenue generation for both host communities and the institution.

KF will all in all research into, preserve, develop and transmit cultural values and heritage as the springboard for development through promotion of domestic tourism within the kingdom.

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