Date held

30th March, 2024


Hoima Resort Hotel - Bunyoro Convention Hall


Leveraging a hero's legacy to inspire social, cultural and economic transformation.

About 100 Years of Kabalega Royal Dinner

Royal Fun, Merry-Making, and Awards at 100 Years of Kabalega Royal Dinner as the year-long Commemoration of 100 Years of Kabalega is successfully drawn to an end.

On March 30th 2024, Hoima Resort Hotel – Bunyoro Convention Hall was awash with cultural enthusiasts, business executives, corporates and youthful people from as early as 04:00pm, till 12:00 AM in the 100 Years of Kabalega Royal Dinner celebration.

Graced by the Prime Minister of Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom, the Rt. Hon. Andrew Byakutaga Atenyi as the chief guest, royals, among other kingdom officials, the  event  was the last in the year-long series (April 06th, 2023 – April 05th, 2024) to mark 100 Years of Omukama Cwa II Kabalega (18 June 1853 – 6 April 1923)’s legacy (1923 – 2023), a heroic, most revered and iconic king who ruled Bunyoro-Kitara of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom from 1870 to 1899.

As it happened..

The ceremony’s hosts – Mildred Tuhaise cum NBS TV host, and Fredrick Makuru Omuhamba cum radio host, set the mood right as they welcomed the guests and kept them entertained with energy.

The guests were treated to a serenade of both traditional and modern music all through the evening with live performances from a host of musicians.

The event held under the theme “leveraging a hero’s legacy to inspire social, social, cultural and economic transform featured a special buffet, 100 Years of Kabalega Special Commemoration Awards, and premiering of the Bunyoro Segment of the Tuko Pamoja Docu-series by Dr. Cindy Magara of Nyati Motion Pictures, highlighting the rich history and heritage of Bunyoro-kitara Kingdom.

Several participants where awarded in various categories including cultural promotion, business and entrepreneurship, tourism and hospitality, sports and talent development, music and entertainment, film and literature, community mobilization, environmental conservation, among others.

The event was sponsored by Hoima Resort Hotel, Stanbic Bank, Vision Group, Kabalega FM, Billbrain, Institute of Technology, Nyati Motion Pictures, and Adman Source.

Theme: "Leveraging a hero's 100-year legacy to inspire social, cultural and economic transformatio"

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