International Airport under construction in Hoima to be renamed Kabalega International Airport

The Government of Uganda has on the 04th of April, 2023 announced that Kabaale International Airport under construction in Hoima is to be renamed Kabalega International Airport, Hoima

This is in memory of the revered king of Bunyoro-Kitara and our progenitor , Omukama Cwa II Kabalega

The development was announced by the State Minister for Public Service, Grace Mary Mugasa.

“I want to thank President Museveni for choosing to rename the airport in Hoima to Kabalega International Airport, Hoima. This comes at a time when we are celebrating 100 years of Omukama Kabalega,” Mugasa tweeted.

The  “Oil and Gas based industrial park in Hoima district will also be named after the Great Omukama  Kabalega. Thank you, President Museveni for this great choice.  Bunyoro stands firm with history.”

The renaming of the airport comes as we celebrate 100 years since the death of Omukama Kabalega in 1923, having led Bunyoro-Kitara kingdom between 1870 and 1899, exiled for 24 years and died on his way back to his Kingdom in 1923.

Upon learning of the development, Kabalega Foundation Executive Director  Dr. James Isagara Kisoro had this to say; “We are very delighted by the decision by the government of Uganda to rename Kabale International Airport in Hoima to Kabalega International Airport – Hoima. This is timely, as we celebrate #100YearsofKabalega‘s legacy this year.”

Omukama Kabalega was the first leader in Uganda to command his people to oppose and fight European colonialism.

In 1872 in Masindi, Omukama Kabalega’s army defeated Sir Samuel Baker’s troops that had crossed into his territory from Sudan forcing them to flee north to retreat to Acholi and camp at Fort Patiko.

Kabalega was captured by the British in 1899 and forced into exile when put on a steamboat, taken to Port Kisumu, Kenya from where he was taken to Mont Plaisir, Marjorie prison and later to Seychelles Islands in the Indian Ocean .

About the airport

Kabaale International Airport in Hoima (now and onward Kabalega International Airport – Hoima) is currently under construction by  Israeli-British firms, Shikun and  Binui International (SBI/Colas Limited) and the construction works that  started in 2018 are expected to be completed by the end of 2023.

The airport will have a 3500 metre long and 45 metre wide  runway , a passenger terminal and associated facilities to support operations of  cargo and passenger aircraft.

Original story publisher credits to Nile Post

The Airport is crucial to the development of a sustainable oil industry in Uganda. Take a fly-through tour of the site the video below showcasing the progress on construction works as of November 2022. (Credits to Sharon karakire)