Kabalega Foundation partners with Roofings Uganda and other stakeholders to enhance Environmental Protection

Kabalega Foundation has partnered with Roofings Uganda Limited and other stakeholders to enhance Environmental Protection in Greater Bunyoro Sub-region. This is comes in the wake of growing concerns within the communities over the potential environmental impact of the budding oil and gas sector in the region.

Over the weekend, our Programme Coordinator, Mr. Solomon Karuhanga inspected some of the tree seedling nursery beds at Roofings Uganda Limited in Namanve in preparation for transportation and distribution of the seedlings.

Nursery Bed Workers sorting seedlings for the programme at the Roofings Uganda Limited Namanve Station.

The programme will be implemented through liaison with Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom chiefs offices who will identify individuals within their communities with suitable sizes of land to establish woodlots. The programme will also work with individual farmers through be distribution of seedlings to individuals who would like to plant trees in their home steads on a non commercial scale.

Mr. Solomon Karuhanga while addressing the press invited individuals with interest in being a part of this programme to register for seedlings that will be given out to them for free.

Mr. Solomon Karuhanga – Kabalega Foundation Programme Coordinator shows some of the available seedlings to the press.

The available seedlings include both commercial tree varieties, and fruit seedlings.

Tree planting is an essential aspect of sustainable development. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, which helps to mitigate the effects of climate change. With the rains on, our quest for a more sustainable future and green environment continues.

Other partners supporting this programme include Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom, MIRAC Uganda, National Forestry Authority, and the Ministry of Water and Environment.