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We understand that many causes of society problems are linked, and we use a multifaceted approach to addressing them. From local communities to the global stage. We operate, advocate for and support programmes that we believe present a better chance for wholistic community development. We aspire to create a world where everyone thrives and achieves their best potential, with special emphasis and focus on women, children, person’s with disabilities, and youth in our programme interventions, and with special attention to pressing issues such as climate change, youth employment, and a violent free society, promotion of human rights as enshrined in the constitution of Uganda, and response to humanitarian crises.

These include; Civic Advocacy and Engagement, Cultural Research, Documentation, and Promotion, Environmental Protection, Water, Health and Sanitation, Education & Life Skills Development, and Livelihood Improvement Programmes. Explore details of each of our programes below

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Our mission is to advance social, cultural and economic development.

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