Dr. James Isagara Kisoro

Welcome to Kabalega Foundation. It is my pleasure to make a contribution to immortalising the legacy of Omukama Cwa II Kabalega, the progenitor of this foundation through service and promotion of his life-long ideals of freedom, equality of all, unity, honor,  and protection of human rights for which he lived by and fought to defend.

Omukama Kabalega is remembered for many things; his great developmental rule as Omukama of Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom (1870 – 1899), his brave heroic fight against colonialism for the independence of his people, among many others; and deservedly a celebrated national hero in Uganda and revered Africa-wide.

I welcome you to join us on the journey, to share your energy and resources towards realisation of the Foundation objectives, aiming to build on the life-long vision and aspirations of Omukama Kabalaga and towards betterment of humanity.