Omukama Kabalega’s legacy and service to humanity contribution is not only celebrated in his kingdom Bunyoro-Kitara, and Uganda, but also internationally. Some of the international commendations of Omukama Cwa II Kabalega, and the works of Kabalega Foundation include;

The Abbey-Principality of San Luigi and the Catholicate of the West


“In 1885 Kabalega signed a diplomatic agreement with the Abbey Principality of San Luigi (Fezzan), in which he formally recognised the Prince-Abbot and granted the monks territory in Bunyoro. On March 15, 1885, Kabaleega conferred upon the Prince-Abbot the title of “Mukungu (Prince Governor) of the Chieftainship of the Abbey-Principality of San Luigi (Fizzan)” (incorrectly transcribed “Makougos” in a number of later documents). This marked the beginning of the diplomatic relationship between Bunyoro and the Principality, which has continued to-date.

The monks, who had travelled from Fezzan (Libya) through Sudan, remained in Bunyoro until 1888 when an epidemic of tropical fever left Prince-Abbot José II the only survivor; he therefore closed the Abbey in Bunyoro and returned to Europe.”

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