Kabalega Scholarship Fund

The purpose of the fund is to improve education standards in Bunyoro Region, and to uplift the rates of student retention and graduation both at lower and higher level. We believe this will, in the long run, contribute to the improvement of the social-economic well being of the people in the region.

This fund will offer scholarships to bright, talented and needy students, enabling them to attain quality education leading to professional careers.

With this fund, we also aim to establish Vocational Technical Training institutions of learning in the region so as to bridge the skills gap for the natives to be able to tap into available technical skills opportunities, especially in the developing Oil and Gas sector.

We appeal to all our friends and well-wishers to support this fund. Training institutions that can offer such support in kind are also welcome to partner with us.

Annual calls for the beneficiary recruitment will always be announced over our communication channels and public broadcast media.

Under this programme, we also aim to run other activities such as:

  1. Kabalega Annual Lecture Series
  2. Career Guidance Activities for students in institutions with the region.