H.M Omukama Cwa II Kabalega was taken captive on the 9th of April, 1899. The Kabalega Education Fund was promulgated to mark the Centennial anniversary of this significant milestone in our history. The purpose of the fund is to improve education standards in the kingdom. Performance standards, rates of student retention and graduation are at an all-time low. Very few of our students are attaining academic excellence.
This fund will offer scholarships to gifted and needy students, enabling them to pursue lucrative academic and professional careers. It will also support our current efforts to publish books, especially in our mother tongue, Runyoro/Rutooro. Our school facilities, including buildings, classroom furniture, libraries, etc., are in dire need of upgrading. The fund will also help toward effecting the needed upgrades. We are appealing to all our friends to support this fund.

This is a project run by the Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom under the Education Ministry. It targets
needy, but clever students in the kingdom, regardless of their tribal background.


Write an application letter addressed to the kingdom’s education minister and attach a copy of your result slip, recommendation letter from the chairperson LC1 or parish chief and a passport photo.